Zillah Duzon-Hazel

The word “Jolie” is French for pretty and that’s exactly what Jolie Duzon represents. Exclusive fashion from the Caribbean Island of St. Maarten designed to make women feel pretty, beautiful and confident! Founder and Designer Zillah Duzon-Hazel merged European elegance with bright prints inspired by the colors and the lifestyle of the islands.  Thus, creating the trendy and exclusive Jolie Duzon brand.

From an early age Zillah Duzon-Hazel showed a keen interest in fashion, styling and design. She has always loved looking at beautiful things and beautiful fabrics. Her grandmother, a dressmaker in St. Lucia, was the first to instill in her the taste for designing clothes. Zillah attended the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) in the Netherlands and took courses in drawing, painting, illustration, pattern and print design, history of art and fashion styling. The institute‘s programs ignited the spark to create her own fashion line in 2013: Jolie Duzon!

Much of her design inspiration for her collections is drawn by the beautiful Caribbean colors, extraordinary landscapes and vibrancy of her surroundings.  Traveling broadened her view on what is possible in fashion. “I used to be a person that would not dare to try new things and I would judge it by its outer appearance. Eventually I figured out that sometimes, the things you reject are the very things you will love if you dare to try. That’s why my motto now is Love and Enjoy life!”

Her motto fueled her passion to create unique, exclusive clothing and accessories for women. Creations that have brightened Caribbean fashion runways for the past few years. From the outset, Zillah designed clutches to complement the looks she sent down the runway. These colorful little bags quickly became must-haves! In early 2017, Zillah focused less on her clothing designs and concentrated more on her line of accessories: Clutches, purses and tote bags. At present, Zillah has created more than a hundred original prints, each one inspired by the bright colors and the natural beauty of the island. Her colorful clutches are an indispensable Iconic accessory that adds flair to any outfit.

Jolie Duzon also offers styling consultancy services and makes custom designed pieces for clients who are interested in one of a kind designs.

“I want women of all ages and all walks of life to find something that they love in my designs. Whether it may be the prints, the design or the fit. My passion is to create beautiful clothing that will make women feel confident about themselves and their ability to achieve their goals in life.”

Get ready to live your Life Boldly with Jolie Duzon